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A noob visiting the Astrub sity one day and met the great scientist Asidric Gutspliter.

"What language is spoken in the World of Twelve?" noob asked.

"In Gamish, nooblord!" Acidrik said.


"AEIOU, Gamish!" 

(Forgotten history of the World of Twelve)

Gamish [geımıʃ] is:

  • abbreviation from gamer's English or gaming English;
  • a dialect of English, the variety associated with particular sociocultural group (MMORPG gamers);
  • an informal register of English associated with MMORPG gamers;
  • a vocabulary (lexicon) and phrase book associated with such registers.

Dofus Gamish


Dofus Gamish dictionary are words used in a specific sense in the context of playing Dofus. This include both terms used withing game to describe in-game concepts and terms used to describe Dofus as MMORPG. Dictionary lets us talk to each other. It lets us share ideas and knowledge, and in doing so, expands the border of our emerging field.

For organizing the dictionary terms we use next schemas:

  • Culture is a contextual primary schema, and highlights the cultural context into which any game is embedded.
  • Play is an experiential primary schema, and emphasizes the player's interaction with the game and other players.
  • Rules is a formal primary schema, and focuses on the intrinsic structure of game.
MMORPG culture:

MMORPG play:

MMORPG rules:


Gamish — English Phrasebook

Gamish linguistics

This is a very boring section is intended for Gamish researchers.


The terms and definitions are taken from the following sources.